RUSTIC OVEN traveling wood-fired pizza oven cuisine

We are the Central Valley’s original, and most celebrated, traveling wood-fired pizza oven caterer. Combined with a handcrafted wood fired Valoriani oven by Mugnaini we bring Neapolitan style pizza to you and your guests wherever your celebration takes place. Even though the Valley is our focus, we regularly bring our delicious artisanal wood-fired cuisine to appreciative people and gatherings throughout Central California including the Bay Area, East Bay, Lodi wine region and Monterey Area.

What makes Paul’s traveling wood-fired pizza oven special?

Each fresh batch of pizza dough is hand prepared, never by machine. Our artisanal pizzas are Italian-styled thin crust, hand-crafted, following traditional methods using seasonal and locally sourced ingredients whenever possible.

We fire our oven with fruit and hard woods like apple, peach, almond and oak all locally sourced from surrounding farms and ranches. At scorching hot temps between 750 – 1000 degrees, our hand-crafted gourmet pizzas bake in less than two minutes. Using the most fresh and highest quality ingredients and lovingly-baked in a wood-fired Italian made brick oven creates the most memorable and frankly, highly addictive culinary experience.

Why have a traveling wood-fired pizza oven at your event?

Are you looking for a unique and deliciously memorable way to celebrate a special event or gathering of family and friends? Rustic Oven is the answer hands down! Your guests will be enviable of you and not forget your event long after it is over. We craft our pizzas by hand following Old World standards and build intense flavors with fresh ingredients in memorable combinations. A notable difference in our cuisine is the curious relationship between scorching wood- fired heat and hand made dough done right!  We don’t just bring pizza cooked somewhere else, we bring the wood oven and whole pizza making process to you and your guests. Perfect for weddings, corporate events, birthdays, wine releases, golf tournaments, fund raisers, block parties or wherever a unique dining experience is desired.